Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review: Altheta High Rise Chaturanga Tight.

I'm still gym-bound, thanks to the crappy weather so I wanted to post a quick review about a pair of workout tights I bought that have exceeded my expectations. I generally expect most workout clothing to disappoint me, so when something doesn't? It deserves some praise.

I have a couple of pairs of bootcut style yoga pants that are kind of ancient. They're Lululemon from back when they had high quality that matched the high price tag. Sure, I paid a lot for those pants and got (I'm guessing?) five solid years of wear out of them. But they're finally looking a bit shabby so I decided to get some workout tights like all the kids are wearing. I ordered these:

High Rise Chaturanga Tight

I'm pretty sure my ass looks at least that fine in them. Heh. They're high-rise which is basically the best thing IN THE WHOLE WORLD. They come right up to my navel and just suck everything in very pleasingly. There's no slipping, there's no muffining. They're otherwise very plain which is just fine with me. They aren't inexpensive, but Altheta has decent sales/codes so I'd wait for one of those because why pay full-price if you don't have to? I know when a piece of clothing really works for me when I get mad when it's in the laundry basket. These are a win and I am impatiently waiting for a sale so I can buy another pair.


  1. i'm actually a huge fan of GapFit stuff... Haven't tried Athleta stuff yet (a store just opened in my town and it is taking ALL MY STRENGTH to resist spending my paycheck in there)... wondering how the two compare...

    1. The GapFit stuff I've tried is good quality (I'd definitely say it's as good as Athleta), but it doesn't fit me right, for some reason.

  2. Hey! I have heard a lot about this brand and a bootcut style? Wow! That would be great. This one looks really good and I would like to add it to my closet for sure. Do they also have mesh leggings? I guess, these are a lot in trend now days and it looks superb as well.