Monday, February 2, 2015

Ode to the Toe Warmer.

I was having a blah day yesterday. It was a grey, coldish day and I'd managed to convince a friend to go on a mountain bike ride with me even though my motivation was low. I almost never regret a ride, even if I'm miserable at the start.  It was cold enough to need layers and long-fingered gloves, but it wasn't cold-cold.

Still, my toes are always the first to go and I recently bought an 8 pack of chemical toe warmers:


I used a pair yesterday even though it wasn't that cold and I wasn't going to ride more than an hour. And you know what? I'm glad I did. It was worth wasting a pair so that my toes were warm and happy. Gradually, I was warm and happy too and the rest of my day improved quite a bit.

I'm sure there are plenty of people I know who'd think I'm a total pussy for using toe warmers when it's 45 degrees out, but some of those people wear short-sleeved jerseys when it's 45 degrees out so we're just going to ignore them. And, we're going to happily blow past them on a 95 degree day when everything is fantastic. For me.

Moral of this mostly pointless blog entry: Do what works for you and your toes. Don't worry what other people think.


  1. I guess i shouldn't tell you about the runs I've been doing in 20ish degree weather and snow.
    to be fair tho, you warm up a lot faster running than biking in the cold... but i still will never understand the people running in shorts in this weather. Brrrrrrr...

    1. Oh yeah, I'm a total wuss but toes on a bike never warm up...they just get colder. Those shorts people be crazy.