About Me

My name is Adrien and I spend a lot of time in lycra. I've been mountain biking for 14 years and just finished my 2nd season of cyclocross racing. I am holding firm on not owning a road bike (but I know they'll come for me in the end.)

I also resort to trainer classes in the winter and enjoy lifting very heavy weights to balance out all the cardio.  This means I have a closet bursting full of workout and cycling clothing all carefully chosen to not fill me full of rage, not always successfully. Why does bad cycling apparel happen to good women? Follow along and maybe we'll find out.


  1. Do you ever commute to work on your bike? I'm looking for ideas on how to do that (no shower at work....) and still look presentable at work.

    1. I don't, though I probably should. The main thing holding me back is that part of the route involves some pretty aggressive traffic. I do have access to showers but the general amount of stuff I'd need to get myself work-appropriate seems overwhelming.