Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Perils of Spin.

It's that dark, dark time of year when I have to resort to spin classes in a crowded gym full of irritating people. A short list of people who irritated me at spin class last week:

  • Girl who thinks putting her bag in line is the same as being in line. Nope.
  • Guy who wouldn't stop spinning during stretch, thus almost clipping my head with his pedal. Ouch.
  • Oh, you know all the words to this irritating song? PLEASE BY ALL MEANS. Stop.
  • Guy who left puddles of sweat under his bike for me to step in. Die.
  • Girl who texted throughout class. Go home.
  • Girl who glowered and eye rolled through the whole class. Oh wait, that was me.

ANYWAY. It is what it is and I will eventually settle into a routine. My issue right now is that last year they put mirrors in the spin room (whyyyy) allowing me to see exactly how much boob I was exposing. A lot. A lot of boob. Too much boob. So, I started hunting for tanks with higher neck coverage. They're surprisingly hard to find. Lululemon made one that's perfect and then immediately discontinued it. (Before you get all huffy about LL remember this happened.) They have a few other options but they're all expensive and fit weirdly.

Athleta had a really cute spin tank last week and when they posted a 20% off code I was all set to buy it:

I'm cute! You can't have me.
And of course it was gone as if it never was. You can't tell me they sold out of all the sizes in all the colors over night. I am suspicious. Whither thou Spinner Tank? Ugh. Zella, another brand I like, has a tank that looks like it might have potential:

Zella Adrenaline Singlet
But it's not cheap and might also look like a sack on me. I don't know. On the other hand,  if you want to look like a total Fred I'm happy to tell you that Les Mills (my spin class of choice) has their own line of really Fred-y spin apparel. Please observe:

Les Mills Cycle Zip Tank
It's not the absolute worst thing and I'm sure it's functional, but they could take it down, like, a notch. The back is pretty busy too and do I really need zippy pockets for a 45 minute spin class? They also offer matching shorts that look pretty awful, but I guess it's tough to make padded shorts look flattering.  (Zappos does this thing where they photograph the model wearing the shorts inside out. LOLOLOL. But for the record, those Pearl Izumi shorts are great. )

I'm tired. You got any suggestions? My criteria: Must be a tank, must have a high neck, must be a wicking fabric. Thank you!


  1. sometimes i find good shirts when looking under the "running" section instead of the "cycling" section.

    limited color/sizes, but maybe something like this?

  2. OMG, the shorts inside out! I'm dying. That's awful! I admit that I wear my bibshorts to class because the comfort of my downstairs overrules looking fashionable. I've been wearing a loose, athletic tank from Costco over the top (looks like they are not available online right now). I know I probably look like a sack, but I sweat A LOT and I just want to get my workout in. Related, showing too much boob is not a problem that I've ever encountered. Anyways, back to LOL'ing at Zappos.