Friday, January 9, 2015

Review: Cyclebox by Runnerbox

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So, those of you know me probably know that my main hobby is cycling, specifically mountain biking and cyclocross. I compete in both but also just love to ride my bikes. So, when RunnerBox asked if I'd be interested in being a CycleBox Ambassador, I jumped at the chance. BOX O' BIKE STUFF? YES PLS. (For full disclosure, this means they give me the box to review.)

It's no secret that I love box subscriptions and I was pretty excited to try CycleBox because I buy a lot of this kind of stuff already and I'm always interested in what's new. RunnerBoxes are available in three varieties - Runner, Tri and Cycle. They come every other month and cost $20 plus shipping. Aside from the bimonthly subscription they also offer one-time gift boxes and limited edition holiday gift boxes. Very cool.

My first box arrived last week and, while it looked small, I couldn't believe how much was packed in there. Check it:

Actual size


This is only the first side of the card.

So. Much. Stuff.
Many things!

YOU GUYS. That is a lot of stuff! Here's a list, with my thoughts:

Runnerbox Buff-  I was really excited about this because I don't own a buff and I am tired of my face freezing off when I cross the Nickel Bridge in the winter. Bonus that the color matches my team kit!

Honey Stinger Organic Gingersnap Waffle - I inhaled this right after my final cyclocross race of the season last weekend. It was delicious. I already like the regular flavor so the gingersnap was a nice seasonal touch.

Salted Caramel Gu - This made me super happy because I buy this flavor all the time!  It actually tastes like salted caramel so I don't have to gag it down the way I do other gels. Highly recommend.

Innergy Sports Performance Towel - I’m quite intrigued by this product, it sounds like magic. Apply to sore muscles and it makes them better! I am not sure if it’s reusable, it doesn’t say.

InstaBOOST - This is an energy supplement. I like that it doesn’t have artificial sweetener in it, but I’m not sure when I’d use this. Before a ride or race?

Cognitea - This is tea for mental clarity & focus. The magical ingredients appear to caffeine and L-Theanine. I like tea, I love caffeine, I’ll definitely drink this.

Arctic Ease - This cold compression wrap sounds fantastic because there’s nothing more annoying that strapping a drippy bag of ice to your body. I'm sure this'll come in handy.

Detour Smart Bar - Le sigh. This whole grain oatmeal bar sounded great until I got to the blueberry part. I’m not a big fan of blueberry but I have a cyclist friend who is, so I’ll give it to him. Or maybe I'll just eat it anyway. I like having ride snacks on me.

PickleAde - Okay, this one. It’s a little bottle of pickle juice. I get it, I do. The salt and vinegar in pickle juice makes it a great electrolyte replacement during sweaty summer rides and races but I just can’t imagine chugging a shot of pickle juice. I will try it, though, for science.

Skout Organic Trail Bar - Mine is apple and cinnamon and I’m eating is right this second. It’s chewy and very tasty in a healthy natural bar kind of way. There are definitely little bits of dried apple in it, which is nice.

Nuun All Day - These are hydration tablets with vitamins and minerals. Definitely something I’d chug if I was feeling a cold coming on, though I don’t particularly like Sorbitol as a sweetener.

Beljum Budder Chamois Creme - Oh yeah, I’ll always try a new chamois cream! I never used to use it but last year I discovered what the term “saddle sore” really means and I’ve seen the light.

Heavenly Organics Honey Pattie - This is chocolate mint flavor and it’s the perfect size to stick in a Camelbak or jersey pocket for a quick mid-ride treat.

That's the box! I'm really delighted with it overall. The products are high quality and it's definitely a fantastic value.

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