Thursday, October 29, 2015

All The Cross Things.

So! Cyclocross season is finally underway and I have my second race this Sunday. My first race went pretty well (3rd place) but damn, I forgot how HARD racing is. It's so hard! Cyclocross races are 30 minute sprints with some technical sections that require running/hill climbs/jumping over barriers while pushing or carrying your bike. Oof.

But, you know what has made that better? My other cross - CrossFit. CrossFit is still going well and it's lots of fun (except when it's not) and the running, broad jumping and burpees have helped so much with the non-cycling parts of cyclocross. Also, sometimes you're forced to dress up like a superhero and shut up David Bowie is too a superhero:

ANYWAY. I had a reader request that I talk about what I wear for CrossFit. Gladly! First, here's a list of stuff I've bought since I started CrossFit:

Foam Roller. My own personal painful massage tool.

- Lacrosse Ball. More painful massage. This is especially good for smushing your shoulder muscles into submission. And feet! And calves! Ow.

Jump Rope. I read somewhere that in order to master double-unders you should have your own rope. So far this has not proven true but any day now, you guys.

Inov-8 F-Lite 195. These are amazing, you guys. I got my pair on sale from Sierra Trading Post as linked (though has good prices as well) and they're a game-changer for CrossFit. Something about the flat, sticky sole makes me feel much more stable when I'm lifting heavy and they're super light-weight. They're also great for short runs and whatever other craziness your WOD throws at you. Plus they're wicked cute. Definitely check them out.

Inov-8 F-Lite 195

As for clothing? I go to a small CrossFit box that isn't all crazy buff women in booty shorts and Lulu bras. (Not that there's anything wrong with that other than it sounding SUPER intimidating.) I find that I prefer wearing tight fitting capris (these are a favorite) or shorts (love these for the high waist) and wicking t-shirts or tanks. I generally prefer more boob coverage because I hate doing wall walks or squats and feeling like I'm flashing the room. Sometimes if we're not doing something super-sweaty I'll just wear a regular t-shirt which is something I thought I'd never do at the gym again.

I still like Lululemon for the fashion-forward designs (though it's really hit or miss and I fear their quality is never going to be what it was) but Under Armour has come out as a surprising favorite - it's not too expensive and the fit is great. I bought this UA "Fly By" tank at the beginning of summer and was really pleased at how well it performed. 

On a final note, if you're doing CrossFit or thinking about it or just want a fun new fitness-related podcast to listen to on your commute, check out Girls Gone WOD. I have been listening to all their back episodes and it's highly entertaining. 


  1. Damn! Looking tough! Cool that crossfit helps makes cyclocross easier. Can't even imagine how hard those races are, especially competing along with the guys. More upper body strength yadda yadda... Thanks for the gear post. How do UA sizes run? I hear it's tiny.

    1. I don't know that it makes it *easier* so much as I feel slightly better at it. (And that photo is a little misleading as it's from a training race- generally the only time I have to race with guys.)

      I have found that UA runs true-to-size, at least for the stuff I have. Definitely something to try in in person, though.