Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Deal of the Day.

This Pearl Izumi Women's Elite Barrier Convertible Cycling Jacket is $29.57 (size small, black) marked down from $110!

Also a vest. Magic.

That is a really good deal. The blue in medium is $58.84 and in large and extra-large is $54.99 which isn’t quite as good a deal, but still nearly half off. You have to click through the different colors to see the prices, which is annoying, but worth it when you find a good price especially when you consider that it's still being sold full-price on Zappos. Also! That Craft base layer deal I mentioned before is now even better. Right now it's $16.68! Crazy.


  1. too bad i don't need a new jacket. seems pretty nice.

    i'm actually trying to get some new mountain bike shoes. i *think* i may have found a pair of Pearl Izumi shoes... but i didn't realize that PI runs much smaller than shimano so i had to re-order them. fingers crossed!

    1. Sizing for bike shoes is insane - I wear a different size in Specialized than I do in Sidi than I do in Pearl Izumi, and sometimes a different size depending on the style within the same brand! So frustrating.

    2. it's sooo frustrating... especially since the women's bike clothing/shoes sections are soooooo much smaller than men's... so even if they have some style i like, odds are they don't have my size and then it's back and forth with ordering and returning. :/